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  • B. Bartlett, A. Dutt, and S. Fan, "A scalable design for a photonic quantum computer using a fiber ring and a single coherently controlled atom", US Patent Application 63/087,661,  Stanford OTL #20-399 (2021)





  • "Teleportation-based photonic quantum computing using a single controllable qubit", CLEO 2021: Photonic Computing, (online event), May 2021
  • "A photonic quantum computer design with only one controllable qubit" [Invited], Stanford Q-FARM Seminar Series, (online event), April 2021
  • "How to train your photons: adventures in optical machine learning" [Invited], QHACK 2021, (online event), February 2021
  • "Photonic quantum programmable gate arrays", CLEO 2020: Photonic NISQ Technologies, May 2020
  • "Universal programmable photonic architecture for quantum information processing" [Invited], U.C. Davis Quantum Journal Club, Davis, CA, January 2020
  • "Universal programmable photonic architecture for quantum information processing", Q-FARM Seminar Series, Stanford, CA, November 2019
  • "Universal programmable photonic architecture for quantum information processing" [Invited], Caltech Quantum Machine Learning and Quantum Computation Frameworks (QMLQCF), Pasadena, CA, November 2019
  • "A 'generative' model for computing electromagnetic field solutions", Stanford University Photonics Retreat, Marshall, CA, April 2019
  • "Multi-agent reinforcement learning for unit control in the programming strategy game Screeps", Stanford MS&E 338, Stanford, CA, June 2019
  • "A 'generative' model for computing electromagnetic field solutions", Stanford CS229, Stanford, CA, December 2019
  • "Hardware-level simulations of nanophotonic neural networks", Stanford CS230, Stanford, CA, June 2018
  • "QuTiP Lecture: Photon Scattering in Quantum Optical Systems", QuTiP Lecture Series, (online at, April 2018
  • "A practical framework for simulating quantum networking protocols over noisy information channels", Intelligent Quantum Networks and Technologies Symposium, Palo Alto, CA, September 2017
  • S. Herrmann, "Electrical manufacturing readiness", LSST Camera - Corner Raft Manufacturing Readiness Review, Menlo Park, CA, July 2016 (presentation featuring my work)
  • M. Spiropulu, "Precision timing in calorimetry", CPAD Instrumentation Frontier Meeting, Arlington, TX, October 2015 (presentation featuring my work)
  • "Di-photon vertexing with the High-Granularity Calorimeter", CMS HGCAL Meeting (CERN Indico #433119), Geneva, Switzerland, July 2015
  • "Timing Simulation Studies Summary", Caltech CMS Group Meeting (CERN Indico #434924), Geneva, Switzerland, August 2015
  • "Analysis of a Precambrian resonance-stabilized day length", American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (AGU Abstract #PP53A-1201), San Francisco, CA, December 2014
  • "Unidirectionalization of particulate distributions in isotropic D+D->He3+n reactions utilizing differential ion velocities", Intel ISEF (Abstract #2012-PH062), Pittsburgh, PA, May 2012